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Dog Training Terms

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  • Written by Mark Alten
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  • 15 Aug

Dog Training terms

  1. Focus: Eye contact
  2. Let's go: starting out on a walk
  3. Heel: Walking right next to the leg
  4. Loose leash walking: walking within one body length without pulling
  5. Sit: Sitting on hind quarters
  6. Down: Lying down on all four feet.
  7. Stand: Standing on all four feet.
  8. Leave it: Ignoring all or any attention to an object or distraction.
  9. Come/Recall: To return or come back from any place.
  10. Threshold/boundary: Physical or virtual line that cannot be crossed, doorway, lawn edge.
  11. Operant Conditioning: Training method where the subject's behavior is modified by the consequence.
  12. Negative Punishment: Absence of: Removing or not giving something the dog values to punish the dog.
  13. Negative Reinforcement: Absence of: Removing a negative stimulus to get the dog to comply.
  14. Positive Punishment: The presents of, a physical correction for not complying, leash correction, verbal NO!
  15. Positive Reinforcement: The presents of, praise, toy or treat something that reinforces a behavior.

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