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Mission Statement

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  • 16 Aug

Purpose: why
The Purpose of Alten Dog Training is to “Help Mans best friend become family” whether a puppy from a breeder or a shelter dog being adopted into a new home, our goal is to help them keep that home.

The Process: what’s involved?
Alten Dog Training, Trains dogs through operant conditioning, positive reinforcement techniques, fun and exercise. In quoting Caesar Melan the dog whisper,” Exercise, discipline, then affection” in that order, (in addition to other balanced training technics) are words to live by, remember a tired dog is generally a good dog.
Positive reinforcement techniques may include clicker training which is used to mark the exact moment in time the correct behavior was demonstrated.
Puppy kindergarten:
Teaching socialization as early as possible (after vaccinations) which helps prevent dog aggression, and builds confidence, Potty training and coordination.
Basic obedience on leash
Sit, stay, down, down stay, loose leash walking, come, wait, leave it, fetch, drop it
Advanced training off leash
Sit, Stay, Down, down stay, heel, come, wait, boundaries, tricks
Rally obedience, CGC testing, Agility, Among others

Payoff: what do we get out of it?
Observing dogs that are happy, well adjusted, respond to commands when asked
And have established a place in your home.
Let Alten Dog Training design a training plan that’s right for you and your dog.
Dogs don’t care who love them they just love who care.

Payson, Arizona


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